v1.9.3 Chrome Opera 36+ Firefox 1 Safari 2 IE 3

Examples: Unit, Unit, Weapon, Relic Weapon, Spell, Site

You can also paste an image directly from the clipboard by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+V.

Quick fit:

$A $H $R $F
$T $J $P $S
$this or ~ - shortcut for the card title
{word} - bold word, like {Fire Sigil}

  • The download button will save a much higher quality version than right clicking to save.
  • Use manual line breaks in the card text field (enter key) for best results.

1 Firefox doesn't align the icons for line height, draws worse shadows, and doesn't support canvas line spacing. It's acceptable, but a noticably worse result than using Chrome.
2 Safari has a bug for ES6, among other problems
3 Why are you using Internet Explorer?